Saturday Night Net

SCARC 2-meter net meets on Saturday at 8:00 pm CST Indiana time.

Frequency of the KN9OX Repeater is 145.410 with a 131.8 pl tone.

If for some reason the KN9OX repeater is down, we will meet on 146.550 simplex.

Net Controls are needed.

If you would like to be a Net Control, just email to let us know you would like to be added to the list. It is a good idea to take a net once in a while so that you know what it is like when an emergency hits and you are the first one on to run a net, or the one who is at home that has a base station available to run the net.



Every Saturday at

8:00 pm Central time.

Net Control is W3ML       

This is a directed net with a roll call. Newcomers and late-comers will be asked for after roll call.

If the repeater is down, we will meet on 146.550.

Repeater is 145.410 with pl tone of 131.8