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Amateur Radio equipment and related items only. No illegal equipment. Positively NO Commercial or For-Profit listings.

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KN9OX Repeater Association has the following for sale.

Used Db 224 Repeater Antenna, tuned for the 2 meter band, in good useable condition. Sold as is for $100.00 Pick up only.

Astron RS-50M power supply. $200.00 Prefer Pick up only. Weighs 46 pounds

ADV Rec Research P144VDG pre-amp VHF  $60.00

Angle Linear PHEMT Low Noise Preamplifier VHF $50.00

Hustler G7-144 VHF Base Antenna $50.00 used. Does not have mounting bracket or hardware. Pick up only.

Motorola VHF Bandpass filter can $50.00 Pick up only.

Antennas should be picked up to avoid damage in shipping.



email: for details.

1. RASCAL Digital interface

2. Guy assembly -- $100.00; House bracket -- $100.00; Prices are negotiable. All new never installed.

3. Rig Blaster Pro Retails for $299.95 Sell $150.00 plus shipping. Get on Digital.

4. Kenwood TM-721 144/440 dual band radio. Excellent condition with manual. $200.00.

Prices negotiable
Email: Phone 574-772-4115(H) or 574-806-3552(Cell) No office calls.




1.  LDG AT-200Pro $150.00 Plus shipping. This is brand new. Bought at Dayton 2011, then found out the new radio had a tuner built in, so I do not need this.

2.  Dentron Super Tuner 160-10AT 1KW Tuner. Heavy duty tuner will couple a 160-10m transmitter to almost any type of  antenna system. Includes a highly efficient balun for antennas fed with open wire line. Will work with coax as well as open feed line.
Price is $100.00 Plus shipping.

3.  TET -- HB35C is a full size tri-bander. This antenna is neither a trap antenna of standard coil design, nor
is it of a linear trap design. This is a phase tuned 5 element TRI-BANDER. Sells new for $1026.90
It is boxed up and ready to be put together.

$350.00 plus shipping.

UPS shipping ground is between $150.00 to 275.00 depending on how they figure it (estimated from their web site). There are two boxes, measuring 7 feet long 10 inches wide and 6 inches high. Weight is between 60 and 80 pounds as I have not had it weighed accurately.

Prefer local or close to where we can meet for delivery.

You can find more information on this antenna at


Email: John at



All equipment is sold in as-is condition. If not tested, it will be noted with item.

Icom IC2200H 2 meter 65 watts. Works good. Comes with microphone and manual only. Will need a power cord. $80.00

Pyramid PS 36KX 35 amps. Works good. $125.00

SAMLEX RPS1204 4-6 AMP. Works good.  $30.00

D104 Microphone  4-pin plug.  Not tested.   $40.00



June 10, 2017 Revised K9CA estate items for sale : See contact info at bottom of list.

The following are items left from K9CA estate.
Some have been tested. Most are ‘as-is’.
Some have manuals. Gus was a CW Ham and
spent time experimenting with electret mikes.

Kenwood TS-2000 HF, 6, 2, & 70cm transceiver.
Very good condition. No microphone.
Asking $900.00

MFJ 4245 Switching power supply. Adjustable
in the 9 to 14 volt d.c. range. Has meters and
is rated 40 ampere continuous. Asking $90.00

Icom IC-02AT 2 meter handheld. There is no
charger. The older Ni-Mh BP 8 / CM 8 battery
still takes a charge – suggest buying a new
battery pack. Asking $75.00

Homemade HF balun. Asking $5.00

Two large Mueller 200 ampere battery clips.
Part numbers 11-C PCL-2. No insulating boots.
Asking $5.00 for pair.

Non Linear Systems FM-3 frequency counter
60 Mhz with 60 – 512 Mhz SC-5 prescaler.
Asking $40 for pair

Rx Vector Analyst Model VA-1 Asking $15.00

Logic probe LP-1 by Global Specialties Corp.
Asking $15.00

Power Sentry 6 socket power strip. Asking $5.00

Hustler trunk mount for 3/8 – 24 vertical whip
antenna – no antenna available. Has attached
BNC male connector on 6 inch cable attached.
Asking $10.00

Motorola mobile vertical antenna four foot whip and
base for NMO mount. No vehicle mount provided.
Asking $15.00

Stainless spring steel whip 37.75 inches long.
Whip only. Asking $4.00

J-37 hand key – needs assembled. Asking $15.00

CW key mfg. by Dave Blystone K9ZNK (SK) for K9CA.
Heavy polished stainless base. Asking $50.00

CW key mfg. by Kent Engineers in England.
Asking $90.00

Eight conductor Belden 9405 rotor cable 60 ft.
Asking $25.00

6X6X6 metal cabinet with 12 high power resistors
wired for high ampere power supply testing.
Asking $10.00

Simpson clamp-on ammeter for VOM.
Asking $15.00

Eico Model 706 code practice oscillator.
Needs work. Not checked. Asking $5.00

Ungar soldering pencils and tips. Cigar box
nearly full of items. $25.00 OBO

Skil hot glue gun Model 1495-T1 Asking $10.00

(No name ) Clamp-on table lamp using screw-in
regular light bulb – small hood reflector.
Asking $5.00

Dazor bolt-on table lamp with twin 15 watt 17 inch
lamps. Cleaned up and works. Asking $10.00

(No name) Clamp-on trouble work light with 8.5 inch
aluminum hood. Takes regular screw-in bulb.
Asking $3.00

3 watt audio amplifier – 9 to 12 volt d.c. Asking $5.00

Starrett jewelers screw driver set EDP 52551.
Asking $10 for set

Westell Wind River DSL2+ router with power supply
and cables. Model E90-610015-06 with two LFT
4-2 DSL filters for two wire phone lines.
Asking $20.00

Magnavox DVD player MWD 200 GA. Asking $10.00

Realistic Boom Box stereo tape player Model SCR-10.
AM-FM Has 5 inch speakers. Right channel is weak.
Asking $10.00

Home built filter box – 6 selectable frequencies.
Asking $10.00

Rapid Test pH meter. No case. Asking $3.00

Weston 2 inch round dial 5.5 inch stem thermometer
reading 25 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Screw threaded
mounting. Asking $10.00

0-15 psi air gauge – round face – mfg. Marshalltown
Iowa. Has spare needles for footballs, basketballs,
etc. Asking $10.00 for all

Mouse traps – vintage in good shape. Collector
material. Mfg. McGill Metal Products from Marengo,
Illinois. Three are 1.75 X 3.75 inches and one is larger -
3.5 X 7.125 inches – rat trap ! Asking $10.00 for all

One 6 inch Red Devil putty knife spreader. Used.
Asking $1.00

1 inch X 8 inch round wire cleaning wheel for 1/2 inch
arbor. Asking $3.00 OBO

Cooling Fans :

- Panaflo 3 X 3 X 1.5 inch 12 V.D.C. Model FBH 08A12MS
Asking $5.00

- SEADA 3 X 3 X 1.5 inch 120 volt Model SJ8038HA1
Asking $5.00

- Papst 4.75 X 4.75 X 1.5 inch 120 VAC. Type 4800Z
Asking $10.00

Norton cutoff disks for portable use – 4 inch.
Comes with arbor for hand drill, etc. 8 thin A29621
and 2 thicker J29702 Asking $10 for all

Various extensions cables 16-3 and 14-3 up to 100 ft.
with short adapter cables for generator hookup.
( Not recommended – male to male !! ) Make offers

Appliance and computer power cables. Asking $1.00 each


- Simpson 4.5 inch 0-100 microampere movement in
steel cabinet ( 5 X 5 X 6 ) made up with 50K pot – maybe
for Field Strength meter. Asking $5.00

- 0–35 microampere meter built in sloped panel steel box.
Asking $3.00
- Modutec flat digital meter. Not tested – no specs.
Still in business. Asking $3.00

- Replacement LCD display for Triplett DVM.
Asking $3.00

- Simpson 0-1 ampere D.C. Asking 3.00

- Simpson 100-0-100 microampere Asking $3.00

- Simpson 0-25 ampere D.C. Asking $4.00

- Triplett 50-0-50 microampere Asking $4.00

- 0-30 microampere movement with Bird watt scale
meter face. Asking $4.00

- Second 0-30 micro ampere round meter with Bird
watt scale on meter face. Asking $4.00

- Victoreen round 50 micro ampere movement with
0-10 mR/h meter scale. Asking $3.00

- Victoreen round 0-10 undefined meter scale.
Asking $2.00

Set of three Master padlocks keyed alike. 2.5 X 1.5
#2022 Asking $8.00 for all

Two Kewaunee cabinet locks for sliding glass doors,
etc. Keyed alike. $3 each / both for $5.00

One Travelor cabinet lock by Yale similar to Kewaunee
above. Asking $3.00

Wards – Master Quality 4 drawer parts cabinet 5.75 wide,
6 high, and 8.75 deep. Gold mine of assorted screws, bolts
with nuts, washers, wire nuts, solder lugs, etc.
Asking $25 for all

Acro-Mills 6 drawer parts cabinet 10 wide, 9 inch high,
6 inch deep with shafts, spacers, lock washers, wing nuts,
nuts, o-rings, nylon bolts and nuts, assorted wire lugs and
connectors. Asking $20.00 for all

Acro-Mills 18 drawer parts cabinet 16 wide, 8.75 high, and
6 deep. Contains 50 watt 25 ohm resistors, 20 watt 5 ohm
resistors, assorted micro switches, more wire nuts and in-
line splice, etc. Asking $25 for all

Home built antenna relay switching box using 115 volt a.c.
Potter Brumfield relay. Connectors are banana jacks.
Asking $3.00

Heavy duty cabinet rollers / casters :

Master Caster Company TW23C5 – 5 items,
“ “ “ O25CH - 4 items
“ “ “ TW23CH - 4 items
plus 23622, Z708, and 9733 casters Some will sell
for $4.00 each and some for $5.00 – these are heavy duty.
Some still boxed – must see


Small coils and small spools of RG-58 and 8214 coax.
Some cables have UHF connectors on one end and some
small wire has BNC connectors. Again, need to see /offers

Several small spools and coils of 73 ohm twinlead. This
was normally used for feedlines in years past. Make offers

Shopping bag of various telephone extension and jumper
cables – connectors both ends and some one end only.
From 6 inches to many feet long. Make offers

G.E. Digital Messaging System – telephone answering
machine. Asking $15.00

ATT – 2 unit portable phone system. Asking $10.00

ITT wall phone model 2022 – light green Asking $5.00

Uniden desk top ‘Extend-a-phone’ – one portable phone
system Asking $5.00

ATT wall phone – 2 each # 210 corded handset.
Asking $4.00 each

Phone accessories – 2 wire DSL filters $2.00 each, wall
adapters for two or three phones in one outlet $1.00 each, etc.

Cigar boxes of small parts : box and all for
$3.00 and up as marked or individual items

- Knobs, shafts

- Misc. chains – various short pieces

- Assorted test leads and end connectors

- Eye bolts, swivel pulleys, open eye hooks, etc.

- Cinch Jones connectors, terminal strips, standoffs

- Assorted microphones, elements, electrets, etc.

- Assorted small audio and phono plugs, etc.

- Studio mike connectors

- More various mike connectors for radios,etc.

- Octal plugs and 120 volt connectors

- Mix of banana plugs , lab instrument adapters, etc.

- Boxed 3AG style glass fuses – some boxes complete with
all five – some boxes not full. 1/16 amp to 30 ampere
Asking 20 cents per fuse.

- Various flashlight lamps – differing voltages, some boxed

- Candelabra size screw base lamps assorted

- Accessories from earlier radios – Kenwood, etc.

- UHF connectors , adapters, varied $1.00 each to $4.00 each

- box of 15 BNC RG-58U crimp connectors

- more assorted BNC coax items – adapters to UHF and N;
N to N; N to UHF; feed thru threaded box connectors, etc.
$2.00 to $5.00 each

- Box of 35 assorted mini panel switches – stay put SPST, DPDT,

Books : Most are used – a lot...

- 1948 Editors and Engineers Antenna Manual - hard cover
Asking $ 5.00

- 1963 ARRL Handbook Asking $3.00

- 1967 ARRL Handbook Asking $3.00

- 1969 ARRL Handbook Asking $3.00

- 1968 VHF manual Asking $3.00

- 1956 Bill Orr VHF Handbook Asking $3.00

- 6th Edition Learning the Radiotelegraph Code $2.00

- 1956 Allied Electronics Data Handbook 2nd edition
Must have by many.. $3.00

- 1976 ARRL Handbook Hard Cover Asking $5.00

- 1979 ARRL Handbook Asking $3.00

- 1987 ARRL Handbook Asking $3.00

- 1997 ARRL Handbook Asking $4.00

- !974 Dictionary of Electronics Asking $2.00

- 1989 Newark Electronics catalog 110 – for reference
Asking $2.00

- 1943 Metals and Alloys data book by S. L. Hoyt
Asking $3.00

- 2000 edition The Best Loved Short Stories of Jesse Stuart
Asking $5.00

Contact :
Levi Mayes WB9CAO

Leave phone message if no one home.
Can bring to Radio Club meetings
or Saturday morning breakfast.